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Privacy Notice

This policy and procedure describe the privacy of member Protected Health Information (PHI) and the choices and rights of members related to privacy and Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) use of information. CHA maintains responsibilities in protecting member PHI.

CHA's Privacy Notice consists of the following sections, outlining how the organization uses health information, members rights and responsibilities in these information practices, the organization's member privacy and health information requests, and the organization's role in responding to member privacy and health information requests. CHA ensures member privacy is kept private between all communication channels within CHA staff and CHA partners.

Access CHA's Full Privacy Notice

Highlights CHA's Privacy Notice:

  1. CHA will use Member Health Information that is not personally identifiable in the following ways:
    1. For treatment, administration, oversight, and payment of health services:
      1. Help in managing health care treatments, such as in the processing of Prior Authorizations or approval of health care treatment referrals
      2. Run our organization
      3. Pay for health services received
      4. Administer Oregon Health Plan benefits
      5. Provide oversight of contracted providers which may include review of provider-maintained member health records
    2. Respond to lawsuits and legal actions as outlined in court or administrative orders
    3. Help with public health and safety issues, as may be required in preventing disease, helping with product recalls, reporting bad reactions to medications, reporting suspected abuse, neglect, or domestic violence, and preventing or reducing a serious threat to health or safety of others
  2. As a CHA member, you have rights and responsibilities regarding your health information:
    1. Grab a copy of your health information and claims records
    2. Choose someone to act on your behalf, examples include a caretaker, medical power of attorney, and more!
    3. Please file a complaint if you feel your rights have been violated:
      1. Complaints may be addressed to either or both of the following via mail, phone, or electronically:

        CHA's Privacy Officer or Compliance Officer
        Department of Health and Human Services
        Office for Civil Rights
        200 Independence Avenue SW
        Washington D.C. 20201
  3. CHA's role in responding to member privacy and health information requests include, but is not limited to:
    1. CHA may charge a reasonable fee when CHA is asked to provide a copy or summary of health and/or claims records
    2. All health information requests are responded to within 30 days

Learn more by reviewing the CHA Member Handbook.