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Rep. Cedric Hayden visits Klamath County CCO

Corporate news | Friday, October 21, 2016

Contact: Maria Ramirez

Staff at Klamath County's coordinated care organization Cascade Health Alliance are proud of their work helping to improve health outcomes for local Oregon Health Plan members. CHA welcomed the chance to speak with Rep. Cedric Hayden, R-Roseburg, about the company's mission and vision during his visit to the organization last week.
Hayden's visit to Klamath Falls is part of a state-wide tour to meet with other coordinated care organizations and health care stakeholders.

CHA President and CEO Tayo Akins and Hayden discussed CHA's focus on affecting the social determinants of health for the people of Klamath County, the organization's use of Transformation Center grant funds on unique and innovative projects, and donations made to other local health care projects that focus on social determinants of health.

"The CHA team discussed extensively their strategies on social determinants and engaging its community partners to drive positive health care results and healthy outcomes," Akins said.

It's important, Hayden said, for legislators in Salem to hear about positive results and personal success stories from people impacted by their coordinated care organizations, like CHA.