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Public Response

Corporate news | Thursday, November 14, 2019

Contact: Maria Ramirez

In recent conversations, it has come to our attention that Mr. Michael Sheets' public "Call for Help" currently circulating in the media, has an unbalanced perception of the facts. As advocates for building a healthy community and ensuring access to high-quality care, we feel it is necessary to clarify our role in the situation. We believe in the value Michael Sheets provides to our Klamath County community. As the local Klamath County Coordinated Care Organization (CCO), we work to improve the health of our members by joining with community partners to advocate for reliable, accessible, and high-quality health care.

CCOs partner with local health care providers to work together to serve people who receive health care benefits from the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). In addition to the health care benefits provided to OHP members, CCOs focus on unique solutions that are not covered by OHP Open Card, to address members' overall wellbeing and social and economic needs. Examples include providing direct coordination of care for dental and behavioral health needs, as well as providing support for items that are necessary in assisting members in improving their health. CCOs also provide assistance to members benefiting from the CCO platform to attend wellness classes to quit smoking, manage diabetes, promote healthy eating,
and more.

The legislation states that CCOs must ensure members in their service area have routine travel time or distance to receive care from a Primary Care Provider and a Patient-Centered Primary Care Home. The requirement in rural areas is 60 miles or 60 minutes. Although this is the requirement set by Oregon Health Authority (OHA), CHA continues to seek partnerships that reduce travel time for our members and reduce barriers to care. As such, CHA has sought a partnership with Mr. Sheets. We respect the services he provides and the relationships he has built.

In addition to ensuring our members receive high quality care, collaboration and partnership with providers in outlying areas remains at the forefront of serving our members within this community. We have attempted to collaborate with Mr. Sheets in good faith and will continue to explore future collaboration with him and his practice to better serve Klamath County communities.


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