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Klamath Basin Senior Center awarded Cascade Health Alliance Community Fund Grant

Community news | Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Contact: Maria Ramirez

Klamath Falls, OR—Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) has partnered with the Klamath Basin Senior Citizens' Center (KBSCC) to fund the Senior Meals Program. KBSCC was one of ten CHA Community Fund Project grant recipients for 2019. Funds provided from CHA aided KBSCC in meeting its goal to provide 2,035 meals for seniors in need. The Center's Senior Meals Program has now expanded total number of routes from five to seven and is currently serving about 180 individuals daily. Meal menus are assessed by Sky Lakes Medical Center's dietitian to ensure compliance with program requirements, as well as provide nutritional support and education for persons with special need diets.

As part of the Senior Meals Program, seniors are provided with a mentor and receive educational information about the importance of balancing nutrition with physical activity.

KBSCC's program supports CHA's momentum to encourage healthy eating and active lifestyles. The program also assists CHA in addressing many social determinants of health and priority health issues detailed in CHA's Community Health Improvement Plan. Among other things, KBSCC Senior Meals Program has increased the number of members engaging in regular physical active, educates on the impact of nutrition on overall wellbeing, and works to empower and engage people living with chronic illness and disease.

In addition to support given to KBSCCs Senior Meals Program, CHA's 2019 Community Fund Project has also supported CASA for Children of Klamath County, Klamath Housing Authority, Friends of the Children, Lost River Community Services, Sanford's Children's Clinic, Chiloquin Elementary, Chiloquin Visions in Progress, Sage Community School, Pregnancy Hope Center and Skyline District Cross Country Camps. CHA will continue sharing information throughout the year to highlight each of the projects' impact on Klamath Falls.

CHA serves over 18,000 Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) members in Klamath County. CHA also serves Medicare members through its partner, ATRIO Health Plans. As Cascade Comprehensive Care (CCC, the parent company of CHA) and CHA celebrate 27 years of providing health care services to its members, the company pledges its continuing support to CHA members and the Klamath community.