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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Contact: Maria Ramirez

Late last week, Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) received communication from Basin Transit, alerting them to the fact that starting now, no one will be allowed on public transit in Klamath Falls without a face mask. This could be detrimental to some OHP members if they do not have the ability to buy or make their own face masks, as many OHP members travel using public transit.

This concern over their member’s safety while using public transit was a catalyst for CHA. They sprang to action to ensure that their OHP members, employees, and their employees’ families have access to face masks—especially those being made and sold locally.

Because so many Oregonians are currently out of work, CHA’s team started looking for a supplier in their area, so that the money they spend on providing face masks to their members could go directly back into the community and help other Oregonians pay their bills.

With some luck, a lot of hard work, and a couple community asks, Cascade was able to find a local supplier of face masks who used to run a different small business. This community member re-tooled her shop to make and sell reusable, safe face masks to those that need them. With the income earned from selling masks, the local supplier was able to hire three more neighbors to help who had also been laid off due to COVID-19.

To be sure that the masks were usable and safe for their members, Cascade Health Alliance had a trusted provider of 25 years, Dr. Raul Mirande a general surgeon, check that the masks were up to snuff.

Once they got approval from Dr. Mirande, CHA was thrilled to collaborate with these amazing Oregonians that were already making masks for their neighbors and friends! Cascade Health Alliance commissioned 2,500 masks from their community partner, which is the largest order the small business in Klamath Falls had seen to date!

Face masks will be delivered weekly to OHP members and CHA employees through no-contact delivery, or during a non-emergent medical transport.

Now, while running errands, riding the bus, or going to work, OHP members, and CHA employees will be able to keep themselves and others safe.

Cascade Health Alliance literally has you covered!