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Cascade Health Alliance funds grants for 2018

Community news | Thursday, August 23, 2018

Contact: Margaret Fabrizio

Klamath Falls, OR—Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) has completed the first phase of its 2018 donations to local community projects totaling approximately $182,000. This contribution covers a wide variety of projects that will positively influence the social determinants of health for people living in Klamath County, especially those on the Oregon Health Plan. Social determinants, which are social and economic factors that affect health outcomes, include poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, access to food, education, workforce development and more. There were ten recipients of the grant funds.

"For people struggling with social determinants of health, funding to these community partner organizations can mean a trajectory shift when it comes to their well-being," notes Tayo Akins, CEO of CHA. "At CHA there is a commitment throughout our organization to build a healthy community for the population we serve. We're dedicated to stimulating and transforming the health care outcome within our community."

As a corporation in the business of care, it is CHA's aim to improve the health of the community by identifying, understanding and addressing the social determinants of health. CHA uses community partnerships to reach individuals where they are and offer the assistance they need to improve their lives. The effort is a long-term investment in the health care outcome s of our members and the community that we serve.

The organizations that received funding are the Assistance League, 3rd Grade Conger Elementary School, Klamath Promise, Mills-Kiwanis Park, REACH, SMART, Basin United Soccer Club/Mike's Fieldhouse, Stearns Elementary School, Steen Sports Park/KC Youth Sports Complex, and Third Thursday.

As Cascade Comprehensive Care (CCC [the parent company of CHA]) and CHA continue to provide medical services to its members, the company pledges its ongoing support to them and the Klamath community as a whole. CCC and CHA plan to share information throughout the year, highlighting each of these projects and their impact on Klamath Falls.

CHA serves more than 17,000 Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) members in Klamath County. The company also serves Medicare members through its partner, ATRIO Health Plans.