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Health-Related Services

Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) is dedicated to our mission of meeting our members where they are and consistently delivering high quality experiences. As a Coordinated Care Organization, we support Health-Related Services.

Health-Related Services

Health-related services are non-covered services that are offered as a supplement to covered benefits for Oregon Health Plan to improve care delivery.

CHA supports members through:

  • Flex-Funds. Flex Funds are used to support member treatment plans to assist in improving overall member health and wellness. If you feel you a CHA member could benefit from Flex-Fund Request, please submit this form. This form is also available in Spanish: formulario
  • Community Benefit Initiatives (CBI): CBI are programs geared to improving the health or quality of care for an entire community. In CHA's CBI funding, we aim partner with organizations who help us address social determinants of health and improve health equity. CBI programs are not only for CHA CCO members.

Policy and procedures CHA follows when making decisions on HRS funds: