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Transition of Care

Member of Transition of Care

Transitions of care have two meanings at Cascade Health Alliance (CHA).

  1. A member may move to Cascade Health Alliance from another Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). When this occurs, the CCO the member is leaving will work with CHA to make sure that approval for services, medications, equipment, and visits are transferred with the member. We are happy to assist all members to help find a new primary provider or new specialty providers, we are happy to assist you.
  2. CHA also assists with Transition of Care is when a member is hospitalized or in another institution and ready to discharge to a different level of support. Our Care Coordinators will work with you, your providers and community partners to make sure you have access to services based on your medical or other needs.

For more information, download CHA's Transition of Care Policy and Procedure: Transition of Care