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Language Assistance Services

Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) provides free language services to make sure you can feel comfortable communicating your health care needs. Language assistance, including interpretation, is available for free upon request. If you have a disability or have a primary language that is not English, contact us at 541.883.2947 or our language assistance line at 1.800.774.4344.

To make our communications as accessible as possible, we offer materials in English, Spanish, Bosnian, German, Cambodian, Japanese and more. All materials can be made available in other languages, large print, audio format, or a format that you prefer. These materials are provided free of charge and within 5 business days.

Language should not be a barrier to care and we continue working on making our content easier to access for people who belong to different linguistic and ethnic groups.

For materials in a language other than English, or in large print format, please contact us at 541.883.2947, 1.888.989.7846 or email