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Member Benefits

Cascade Health Alliance is dedicated to our mission of meeting our members where they are and consistently delivering high quality experiences. We are vested in the Klamath Falls community and work to offer benefits and services that build healthy populations.

As a Cascade Health Alliance member, you are eligible for medical benefits covered by the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), at no cost. Your medical benefits include:

  • Primary care and doctor visits
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Prescription Drugs
  • And more

Download a Member Handbook to see all the benefits available to you.

Download Member Handbook

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How to Get Care or Need a Second Opinion?

We are here to help you find a primary care doctor. Your primary care doctor is your main doctor who will help you with your health needs. If you would like us to pick a primary care doctor for you, call us today at 541.883.2947.

Learn more about our network providers and find the right fit for you!

If you would like a second opinion from a provider in our network, we've got you covered! If one is not available within our network, we can work with you to get a second opinion outside the network. You can always speak to your primary care doctor or call CHA to get help in using your benefits for a second opinion.

Prescription Services

For members in need of prescriptions, we can help you find a pharmacy. We can also assist you to get over-the-counter medicines and vitamins. Cascade Health Alliance is here to help you with medicine reimbursement.

Dental Care

Dental care is critical to your overall health and well-being. We offer access to dental providers to help you with teeth cleanings, routine exams, dental fillings, dentures, and more. Learn more about your dental health coverage benefits!

Urgent Care Support

Some sickness may not be an emergency (life or death), but they still need urgent care. We can assist you to find the closest urgent care center to help you get well.

Behavioral Health Case Management and Support

If you have a mental health, drug, or alcohol problem, we can help you. We can connect you to therapy, counseling sessions, detox treatments and more. You can self-refer yourself to services! Learn more about behavioral and mental health benefits: Learn More

Health-Related Services Flex-Funds Benefits

Health-related services are non-covered services that are offered as a supplement to covered benefit for Oregon Health Plan to improve care delivery.

CHA supports members through:

  • Flex-Funds. Flex Funds are used to support member treatment plans to assist in improving overall member health and wellness as defined in. If you feel you would you benefit from a Flex-Fund request, please ask your provider.

Learn More!

Traditional Health Workers

Traditional Health Workers can help you understand your benefits and navigate the healthcare system. They are a great resource to help you with many other needs you may have. Some examples of how they might help are by connecting you with resources for housing, food, mental health, and more. with There are seven (7) different types of Traditional Health Workers available to you as a CHA member. Those include:


A (Birth) Doula is a birth companion who provides personal, nonmedical support to women and families throughout a woman's pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum experience.

Peer Support Special

A Peer Support Specialist is any [range of] individuals who provide supportive services to a current or former consumer of mental health or addiction treatment.

Peer Wellness Specialist

A Peer Wellness Specialist is an individual who has lived experience with a psychiatric condition(s) plus intensive training, who works as part of a person-driven, health home team, integrating behavioral health and primary care to assist and advocate for individuals in achieving well-being.

Personal Health Navigator

A Personal Health Navigator is an individual who provides information, assistance, tools and support to enable a patient to make the best health care decisions

Community Health Worker

A Community Health Worker is a frontline public health worker who is a trusted member of and/or has an unusually close understanding of the community served.

In addition to the five (5) above, there are Family Support Specialists and Youth Support Specialists.

These services are available to all CHA Members at no cost. Call our Traditional Health Worker Liaison, Candice Holohan, at 541.883.2947 and ask us about being connected to a Traditional Health Worker.

Want to Know More?

Learn more about what else we have to offer in our Health and Wellness Programs.

Need a Ride to Your Appointment?

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