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Health and Wellness Programs

At Cascade Health Alliance, we make your health care easier to access and understand. That's why we've created a variety of specialized health and wellness programs at no cost to you.

You can learn more about any of the programs listed below in your Member Handbook.


Chronic Disease Self-Management Classes

Living Well with Chronic Disease is a chronic disease self-management six-week workshop to help you live healthier and happier.

In partnership with Sky Lakes Medical Center and Klamath Tribal Health and Family Service, CHA members are welcome to participate in the Living Well workshops hosted at the Sky Lakes Community Education center. Workshops include: Chronic Disease Self-Management, Diabetes Self-Management, and Chronic Pain Self-Management.

During these courses, participants are able to create social connections with peers living with similar chronic conditions, work to better manage their own chronic conditions, support and encourage other participants through the ups and downs of their conditions, as well as connect with trained volunteer leaders who are living with chronic conditions themselves.

Workshops are once a week for a 6-weeks. For a schedule of upcoming workshops, contact our Maternity Case Management department at 541.883.2947 or learn more by accessing our community calendar.

Class will be posted to our calendar as they begin.

Diabetes Care

We want our members to have everything they need to manage their diabetes. That's why we provide the following diabetes supplies at no extra cost:

  • Test strips
  • A glucose monitor
  • Syringes

Due to COVID-19, Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) will be delivering Diabetic and/or Medical equipment supplies to members who need them. If you need supplies, please call us at 541.883.2947. Please call to request your supplies before 3pm to ensure delivery by the next business day. Our staff will work with you over the phone on how to test your blood glucose and how to use your insulin.

Call 541.883.2947 to get your diabetes supplies.

Maternity Program

We know there's a lot of excitement and planning that goes into having a baby. Our maternity program can help you practice good prenatal care. And give you rewards for participating.

As part of our Maternity Program you'll get:

  • Rewards. We give you a $50 Walmart gift card and a starter supply of diapers when you complete the program.
  • Personalized care. We pair you with your own case manager. They can coordinate your care with doctors and specialists. They can also ensure you're meeting the program's requirements.
  • Extended benefits. Enrolling in the Maternity Program tells us you're expecting. That gets you expanded health care benefits for your pregnancy.
  • Access to specialists. We help pregnant moms facing all sorts of challenges get the care and resources they need for themselves and their baby. If you are facing homelessness or domestic violence, have a substance abuse problem, or are dealing with a chronic health issue, we can help.
  • Postpartum care. Your case manager will check in with you to make sure you and your baby stay healthy.

Sign up for the maternity program as soon as you learn you're pregnant. The book, Your Pregnancy Week by Week, is available here at the CHA office. Stop on by our office and pick up your very own copy!

Call 541.883.2947 to enroll.

Respiratory Care

Do you have asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? We can teach you how to use your respiratory equipment.

Due to COVID-19, Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) will be delivering Respiratory and/or Medical equipment supplies to members who need them. If you need supplies, please call us at 541.883.2947. Please call to request your supplies before 3pm to ensure delivery by the next business day. Please call us if you have questions on how to use your inhaler or if you need assistance on how use or clean your nebulizer.

Call 541.883.2947 to get your respiratory supplies and training.

Smoking Cessation Classes

We support our members who want to quit smoking. To help you beat the habit, we offer a seven-week American Lung Association class called "Freedom from Smoking." The class teaches you ways to quit for good. Completion of the course has proven results. Not only will our instructors encourage you to to quit smoking, but it will connect you with many people trying to do the same thing! Learning valuable skills and making connection with your classmates will provide you with a life-long stability.

All in-person classes have been postponed. Sessions are currently being held virtually. Please call CHA Pharmacy Services at 541-883-2947 if you are interested in a virtual class.

Download a schedule of this year's smoking cessation classes.

We also offer free nicotine replacement products.

Wellness Classes and Resources

Good health isn't just about good medical care. That's why we partner with Sky Lakes Wellness Center, the YMCA, and a variety of organizations in town who provide free classes and resources to help you live a healthy life.

Resources include:

  • Yoga classes. Learn how to put your mind and body in balance.
  • Behavioral health. Interact with a trained behavioral health provider and learn about the importance of self-care.
  • Cooking courses. Learn how to shop for healthy food.
  • The swimming pool. Get your exercise in on us at the local Klamath Falls YMCA. Take exercise classes and enjoy the many benefits of water.

For additional information for how you can use your CHA benefits at the Sky Lakes Wellness Center, give us a call at 541.883.2947 or visit their website.

Non-Emergent Medical Transportation?

We can get you to your scheduled medical appointments, fitness or educational classes and our office free of charge.

Learn how to schedule a ride