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CHA and OHP Membership

Health insurance can be complicated. If you qualify for the Oregon Health Plan in Klamath County, you are likely a member of Cascade Health Alliance (CHA). CHA is the local Coordinated Care Organization. At CHA, we help make it easy.

To learn more about your CHA membership, call 541.883.2947.

Your CHA Membership

If you're a resident of Klamath County enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), it's likely that you were automatically signed up for CHA.

CHA is a coordinated care organization (CCO). A CCO is a network of healthcare providers who work together to serve people who have OHP.

You should get your CHA new member information within 30 days of enrolling in OHP. This includes a new member welcome letter and a handbook about how to use your benefits.

Download Member Handbook

To learn more about your CHA membership or to request a CHA handbook call 541.883.2947. Your CHA handbook will be your own personal resource to use to understand your benefits.

Part 1: Find Out If You're Eligible

You can enroll in the Oregon Health Plan if you live in Oregon and meet certain income limits. The best way to find out if you qualify is to apply for OHP. It is free to apply! Even if you've been denied OHP in the past, you may qualify now.

Part 2: Apply for OHP

To become a CHA member, you and your family must first be enrolled in OHP and you must live in Klamath County.

You can apply for OHP any time of the year. Go to to log in or create an account.

If you're not sure OHP is right for you and your family, go to and answer their screening questions. You'll find the plan that works best.
Options include:

  • OHP Plus. This plan is for children ages 0 to 18 and adults ages 19 to 64.
  • OHP Plus Supplemental. This plan is for pregnant adults age 21 or older.
  • OHP with Limited Drug Benefits. This plan is for adults who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare part D.

Submit a Paper Application

You can also apply for OHP with a paper application. These are available in multiple languages.

OHP applications include:

You can print an application or have one mailed to you. To get a paper application by mail, call OHP Customer Service at 1.800.699.9075 or 711 (TTY).

To learn more, call us today at 541.883.2947.