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Prioritized Population

In 2020, the OHA developed a guideline of Intensive Care Coordination, which applies to all CCOs. The goal of this program is to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals in our community are screened for social and healthcare needs, as well as provided the necessary assistance in meeting their health care goals. These groups are identified as the State’s “Prioritized Population”. The complete list can be found at on the State OAR Site- also known as OAR 410-141-3870. This definition of Prioritized Population includes:

  • all members receiving long-term services and supports from Adult and People with Disabilities (APD);
  • women with high-risk pregnancy
  • all children ages 0-5 years
  • children in Child Welfare
  • members with behavioral health or SUD concerns including opioid dependence and IV drug use
  • Veterans and their families
  • members with HIV/AIDS or TB and most inclusively
  • members who are older adults who are hard of hearing, deaf, blind or have other disabilities

Cascade Health Alliance has dedicated Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) staff who screen members and reach out to offer ICC services. This is expected to be an interdisciplinary program with input from primary care providers, community partners, and community-based organizations. If you have a patient/client that is part of the Prioritized Population that you think would benefit from additional care coordination, you may refer them by calling CHA Case Management at 541-883-2947 or faxing the completed Case Management Referral Form located in the Provider Resources tab of our website.

Members may also self-refer.

Cascade Health Alliance is proud to partner with the State of Oregon to identify, reach out to, and provide services for members that otherwise may have no advocate or active voice in accessing needed services.