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Initiation and Engagement in Treatment

Initiation and Engagement in Treatment:

For the 2021 measurement year, the OHA has introduced a new incentive metric: Initiation and Engagement of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse or Dependence Treatment, or IET. The measure is time sensitive and incentivizes care coordination and integration of services between all provider types. From the initial diagnosis (this includes a diagnosis rendered in the Emergency Department), or index episode, the member must be initiated into treatment within 14 days. From the date of the initial treatment, the member must be engaged in two additional services, one of which may be a mediation treatment event, or MAT, within 34 days. Prior to its being incentivized, CHA’s network has historically performed better on the initiation into services, and considerably lower on engagement, which may indicate bottlenecks or barriers in the referral process and/or care coordination between provider types. CHA has convened a group of BH providers and PCPs to review current processes, workflows, identify barriers and improvement opportunities to keep members engaged in treatment. If you are interested in participating in this workgroup or would like more information or a copy of the measure specifications, please contact

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