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What We Do

Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) has helped the people of Klamath County, Oregon, get the best possible health care since 1992.

Our Vision: To build a healthy community for the population we serve.

Our Mission: We endeavor to improve the health of our members by joining with our community partners to advocate for reliable, accessible, and high-quality health care that empowers the people who live in our community to improve their health and wellbeing.

We are a provider-owned coordinated care organization (CCO). We are locally owned and work to deliver care with our provider partners in the community. We can assist you in using your Oregon Health Plan (OHP) insurance to get access to the medical care you need.

We Open Doors to Medical Care

We have built a network of providers and community partners dedicated to our members' well-being. Whether you need to see a specialist or simply want a ride to the doctor, we can help.

We work with nearly every local provider. And we contract with every primary care clinic in Klamath County. We want to ensure you receive the high-quality access to more than just physicians and dentists. Depending on your CHA benefit plan, you also get access to mental health providers, chiropractors, and naturopaths.

We Help Our Neighbors

We serve all people with OHP in Klamath County. We also serve local Medicare recipients through our partner ATRIO.

As the only CCO in Klamath County, we are always working to improve our services. That is because we want our friends, family and neighbors to get the best medical care possible.

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